Watch: Friends Pool Money To Buy Mansion

Seven friends in China pooled their money to buy a mansion where they could live together for the rest of their lives. Video of 7個閨蜜在廣州造房同住:老了後,我們才是彼此的依靠 7 Girlfriends in Guangzhou Build a House to Live Together
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Tips To Save Money This Summer

Here are four tips on how to save some money this summer... 1. Find free events. Summer is the most popular time for street festivals, outdoor concerts, and other community events that are usually free to attend. 2. Host a garage sale. The benefits are two-fold: You'll de-clutter the house AND...
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The U.S. Cities Where You Get The Best Value For Your Money

Thrillist has a new list of the "U.S. Cities Where You Get the Most Bang for Your Buck", and St. Louis makes the Top 10... 1. Pittsburgh, PA 2. Newark, NJ 3. New Haven, CT 4. Philadelphia, PA 5. Baltimore, MD 6. Providence, RI 7. Chicago, IL 8. Charleston, SC 9. ST. LOUIS, MO 10. Allentown, PA...
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Ways To Save Money On Uber And Lyft

We're using Uber and Lyft more than ever, and here are four quick tips to help you save money... 1. Always check prices on both apps. It takes 30 seconds, and sometimes it's worth it. Especially if it's a long trip. So don't get lazy. Also, keep track of their email promotions. You might have a...
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Ways You May Be Wasting Money On Your Health

A new study just found vitamin D pills don't actually help your heart. Other studies had shown a link between heart disease and vitamin D deficiencies. But the new study found taking pills doesn't really make a difference. Things that WILL help your heart include exercise, a healthy diet, and...
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Joey Fatone

Joey Fatone's Finances Became Public Thanks To His Divorce

From Page Six : Joey Fatone has a fat wallet. According to divorce documents obtained by The Blast, the former NSYNC singer has a monthly gross income of $37,910, in addition to $1,327,600 in stocks and retirement, $20,000 in the bank and $90,000 in cash for his production company. His monthly...
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What We'll Be Spending Money On This Memorial Day

According to a new survey based on data from Bank of America, here are five things we'll be spending money on this Memorial Day weekend... 1. Gas. Americans spent an average of $48 on gas during last year's Memorial Day weekend, which is an increase from $41 in 2017. 2. Hotels. We spent 37% more on...
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Five Tips To Save Money On A Summer Vacation

If you're itching to get away soon, here are five tips on how to save money on a summer vacation: 1. Book your plane tickets now. Try to book your summer vacation plane tickets a few months in advance. Last-minute sales used to be more common, but more airlines are jacking up the price for business...
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The Amount Of Money You Need To Be Wealthy

Apparently, just being a millionaire doesn't mean you're rich anymore. According to a new study, the average person thinks you have to have a net worth of $2.3 million to be considered rich . . . and you need $1.1 million just to be, quote, "financially comfortable." Click Here to see more.
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Big Money Mistakes Young People Make

A recent survey found almost a third of millennials aren't doing as well financially as they THOUGHT they'd be ten years ago. Here are four of the biggest mistakes young people make with money... 1. Taking a carefree approach, so you have to play catch-up. Like someone who decides to start saving...
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