Things Your Parents Did That Would Get Major Side-Eye Today

BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to share what their parents did that today's parents would never get away with. Here are some highlights: "My dad poured a little wine in my water at restaurants starting when I was 5 years old. I preferred whites over reds." "My mom allowed me to try coffee at 9...
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Viral Video: Signing Gets Awkward After Mom Walks Out

Jacob Copeland's mom was NOT happy that her son commited to play football at the University of Florida. She immediately walked out of the press conference, but to her credit, she did come back... Eventually. Video of Signing Day Gets Awkward for Escambia High receiver Jacob Copeland
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Andy Richter

Andy Richter's Parenting Tweets Are Hilarious 

Andy Richter and his wife have a 17-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter and over the years, he's shared some amusing anecdotes about parenting on Twitter. The Huffington Post spent time digging through all his Tweets to recover the best ones. Here are a few highlights: Pretty sure that my...
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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Calls Out Competitive Moms

Mayim Bialik asks a very interesting question ... why are moms so competitive? As a fairly new mom, I'm learning how competitive AND judgmental other moms can be and quite honestly, it SUCKS. Mayim shared her thoughts about this in a video. She starts by talking about attending a local mom's group...
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Nearly Two-Thirds of Women Have Experienced Mommy-Shaming

The mommy-shaming needs to stop. I just had this conversation with a friend of mine based on some stuff she saw on social media where moms were definitely not helping other moms ... it was more like other moms criticizing other moms. It's so hypocritical because we teach our children to love one...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Mom Grabs Wrong End Of Dog

A woman wearing a VR headset accidentally nuzzles her dog's BUTT.
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Nick Jonas Admits That His Mom Still Does His Laundry

Nick Jonas' mom still does his laundry!
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People Whose Moms Nagged Them Grow Up To Be More Successful

Thank you to my mom!
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