Watch: Toddler Can't Believe Mom Didn't Kiss Him Goodbye

A dad filmed his toddler son trying to express his frustration that mom didn't kiss him goodbye before leaving for work. The kid is still learning his words, which makes it even more adorable. Video of Toddler can't believe mom went to work without KISSING HIM GOODBYE
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Watch: Mom Busts Kid For Using Alexa To Do Their Homework

A mom in Scotland has gone viral with a video of her nine-year-old son using Alexa to help with his math homework. It's actually more like cheating because he tells Alexa the problem, and then writes down her answer. The kid doesn't know his mom is in the room until she calls him out on it.
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Watch: Mom Pranks Son With Giant Spider

A mom in the U.K. pranked her teenage son by putting one of those giant, fake spiders on the bed while he's sleeping. And then she wakes him up, and when he sees it, he screams like a little girl. It could be a setup, but it's still pretty good. Video of Mum Plays Prank On Sleeping Son With Fake...
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Look: How Millennial Moms Might Spell Your Name

Here's a Twitter thread going around right now. There's a picture of a young pregnant woman with a chalkboard showing possible names for her baby, all of which are ridiculously spelled including the winner, L-a-k-y-n-n. So now, people are wondering how a millennial mom would create a unique...
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Look: Mom Celebrates First Day Of School By Going Solo To Disney World

A mom in Florida dropped her kids off for the first day of school then went on a solo adventure to Disney World to celebrate. Click here, to read her full story! Disney Mom 101: First Day of School Edition ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This, my friends. This is what you do after you drop your kids off on the first day of...
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Once You Have Children, Sleep Loss Is No Joke

When I got pregnant, there was a lot of unsolicited advice/statements given to me. One that I got all the time and it angered me every time was ... get your sleep now because you won't sleep again once your child is born. Listen, that may be true, but I didn't want to hear that because I was...
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Woman Charges $82 To Attend Son's Birthday Party

A woman in the U.K. recently posted on a British website for moms about an issue with another mom. That mom is throwing a 14th birthday party for her son at a go kart track, and she's CHARGING everyone $82 to attend. That includes $59 for the karts and $23 for transportation 80 miles round trip to...
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Look: Mom Looks Way Too Young

A 22-year-old guy and his mom in Los Angeles are going viral because in some pictures he posted on Instagram, she looks young enough to be his girlfriend... And apparently lots of people make that mistake when they're out together. Meet my mom and my best friend -- Gặp mẹ và người bạn thân nhất của...
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Mom Buys Out Payless Store And Donates All Shoes To Charity

A woman in Arkansas named Carrie Jernigan bought out an entire Payless shoe store that was closing down, and got 1,500 pairs of shoes for pennies on the dollar. Now she's holding an event where parents can get free kids' shoes, just in time for the new school year. Click Here to see more.
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Little Girl

This Little Girl Does Not Like Her Mom's Singing

A mom in Arlington, Virginia posted video of her little girl's harsh disapproval of her singing. Every time she launches into a song, the girl very firmly says no. Click HERE for the video. This little girl would hate living in my house because all I do is sing and I'm AWFUL!
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