Jen Myers

"A Time For Thanks"

Jen Myers has a special message fo thanks after visiting Siteman this week.
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WATCH: Parkway teacher shares special message to students amid coronavirus closures

First-grade teacher Mandy Williams posted a video on Facebook with a special message for her students at Barretts Elementary in the Parkway School District.
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Watch: The Rock Sends Personal Greeting To 100-Year-Old Fan

There are SO many reasons why THE ROCK is cool. Sending a personalized video message to a fan on her 100th birthday is just one of them. Happy 100th birthday to Grandmom Grover, I cannot begin to thank @TheRock enough for making this happen. — Jamie Klingler (@...
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Look: Tailgater Just Needs To Poop

A guy in Japan was driving last week when someone in a van started tailgating him, and then he sent him a message on his iPhone using the AirDrop feature. The message said, quote, "Poop. Let me pass" . . . so the guy pulled over to let the van driver speed off toward a toilet. (Trust me, this is...
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The Most Expensive Celebrities On Cameo

There's a website called Cameo, where you can get brief, personalized video messages from celebrities... For a price, of course. So who's the most expensive celeb on the list? CAITLYN JENNER. A video from her will set you back $2,500. If you're somewhere closer to the $500 range, you can get Brett...
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Look: Shawn Mendes' Message For Aspiring Artists

Here's a GREAT a message that Shawn Mendes shared the other day on his Instagram page... I’m thinking about being in 9th grade right now. The day after I posted one of my first covers onto YouTube back in 2014.. at school walking down the hall straight into a group of older guys yelling out “sing...
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Watch: Jessica Biel's Message To Justin Timberlake On His Last Tour Date

Jessica Biel made a video for Justin Timberlake to mark the last show on his tour. Pssst, --------❤️: @justintimberlake A post shared by Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel) on Apr 13, 2019 at 1:13pm PDT
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Viral Video: The Rock Can't Go To Prom, But Sends School Message

The Rock got invited to a girl's prom, but he couldn't go. So he rented out a theater for her to see his new movie for free. And he let her know with a surprise announcement over the intercom at her school! SURPRISE KATIE KELZENBERG! About a week ago, I come across a video on my Twitter feed, from...
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Oldest Message In A Bottle Discovered

A family in Australia recently found the oldest message in a bottle that's ever been discovered. Researchers who were studying the ocean's currents tossed it in the water way back in 1886! The note inside was from German seafarers asking discoverers to record their coordinates and the finding date...
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