The Sexiest Jobs

A dating app called Badoo went through its data to figure out what jobs attracted the most dates. The 10 sexiest jobs men can have are: Bartender . . . photographer . . . writer . . . music producer . . . lawyer . . . surgeon . . . stockbroker . . . hairstylist . . . chef . . . and teacher. And the...
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The World's Most Admired Men And Women

A new poll says BILL GATES and ANGELINA JOLIE are the most admired man and woman in the world. Barack and Michelle Obama came in second. They're followed by Jackie Chan and Oprah in third.
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Essential Oils May Lead To Men Growing Breasts

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, eight of the chemicals in essential oils might disrupt your hormones and make you grow, quote, "LARGE BREASTS." And you're especially susceptible if you're younger. So, this might FINALLY explain my man-boobs! Click Here to see...
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Teddy Bear

84% of Men Still Have One of Their Childhood Teddy Bears

According to a new survey, 84% of men still have at least one of the stuffed animals from their childhood. So do 77% of women. 38% of women and 34% of men still CUDDLE with that stuffed animal. WAIT A SECOND! I'm not surprised by the number associated with women, but that many men have a stuffed...
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Photo: "Women In Math" Event Only Features Male Speakers

A math club at Brigham Young University in Utah was hosting a panel event called Women in Math. And on their posters, they featured the four faculty members who are speaking . . . all of whom are MALE. (Twitter) Click Here to see more.
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Man's Hand Shake

What Does A Strong Handshake Mean?

The STRONGER a man’s handshake, the better he is at… The strength of a man’s handshake is directly connected to how well he performs in the bedroom according to a new study. The researchers found that for every 11 pounds of grip strength, a guy was 18% less likely to have ED issues. Click Here to...
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When Women Become Happier Than Men

There's only ONE point in a woman's life when she is actually happier than a man??!!
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The Flu And Men

Does the flu really hit MEN harder than women?
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Viral Video: Woman Gives Up Men For Ghosts

A woman says she likes GHOSTS better than men??!!
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Photo: Men Arrested In Kazakhstan For Wearing "Borat" Mankini

Six guys were arrested in Kazakhstan for wearing the "Borat" mankini!
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