This Current Beauty Trend Could Be Deadly

Eyebrow "microblading" has been all over the internet lately, but one Detroit woman is voicing an important warning for those considering the procedure after she contracted a potentially deadly infection. 'Microblading' involves the use of a tiny blade containing pigment to make small cuts on the...
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Ellen Pompeo Says They Are Planning How to End 'Grey's Anatomy'

After announcing its return for a 15th season, could 'Grey's Anatomy' be nearing the end? Star, Ellen Pompeo, told Entertainment Tonight that they are "starting to think about how you would end a show this iconic." The long-running show and its writer, Shonda Rhimes, are known for killing off...
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Seattle TV Station Helps Viewers' Medical Debts

A reporter in Seattle named Jesse Jones got his station to buy up $1 million worth of viewers' outstanding medical debt this month for just $12,000. Then they forgave ALL of it. So about 1,000 people in their viewing area will be getting letters that say they don't owe money anymore. Click Here to...
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