Look: Woman Becomes Model After Dress Gets Mocked On Social Media

A woman from England went viral last week when she posted a Tinder conversation where a guy told her the dress she was wearing in her picture made her look bad. The company that made the dress found out . . . and now they're using that picture of her as their MODEL SHOT of the dress. Men are trash...
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Tips For Not Fighting On Facebook

Fighting on social media rarely makes you look good, or feel good. So when you're about to get into a Facebook fight, here are four rules to follow... 1. First, determine your motivation. Stop and ask yourself, "Why am I commenting?" Because once you think it through, you might realize it's not...
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child looking at screen

How much screen time for kids under 5?

GENEVA, Switzerland (KYKY) — The World Health Organization suggests kids under 5-years-old should have limited or no screen time at all. The WHO says infants under 1 should not get any exposure to electronic screens. Kids 2 to 4-years-old should not have more than one hour of "sedentary screen time...
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kid watching screen

End your kid's screen time without a meltdown with this tip

(KYKY) — Does your kid throw a tantrum because you've turned off their TV/iPad/video game/etc.? There's a scientific reason for that, Lifehacker notes: "While watching a show or playing a game, our brains produce dopamine, a 'happy' hormone. When screen time ends, the dopamine levels fall." So how...
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The Time Wasted With Social Media

Social media has dominated the last 15 years of our life. But has it made our lives better? Well, according to a new "Wall Street Journal" poll, the majority of us aren't sure it has. Here are some stats about our ongoing relationship with social media... 1. Six in 10 Americans don't trust Facebook...
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Netflix reflection in woman's eye

Netflix prices to increase again next month

NEW YORK (KYKY) — Should I stay or should I go? That might be what U.S. Netflix subscribers are asking themselves this month as price hikes loom for May. Plans in the United States will rise $1 to $2, depending on subscribers’ accounts. The basic plan will go from $8 to $9, standard plans with HD...
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How Much We've Spent Because Of A Social Media Endorsement

According to a new survey, more than half of people have bought something they saw a celebrity or influencer promoting on social media. And they've spent an average of $511 on those things. But the majority of us don't really regret it... We actually LIKE getting ideas for new stuff to buy from...
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Social Media Posts That Can Ruin Your Chances For A Job

Director James Gunn recently got kicked off the next "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie for offensive tweets he posted years ago. And according to a new survey, it's pretty common OUTSIDE Hollywood too... 34% of companies have either fired or disciplined an employee over something they posted on...
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America's Media Consumption

According to the latest numbers from Nielsen, Americans now spend an average of over 11 hours a day consuming media. Radio is the most common form of media people take in . . . 92% of people listen to radio in an average week. TV is second, at 88% . . . and smart phones are third, at 79%. Here's...
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Teens And Social Media

According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, teenagers really don't care about Facebook anymore. 51% of them say they use Facebook, but only 10% say they use it more than any other social networks. That's a big drop in just three years because in the same survey in 2015, 71% of teenagers...
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