Look: Woods/Manning/Mickelson/Brady Golf Match Highlights

"The Match: Champions for Charity" became the most-watched golf telecast in cable TV history over the weekend.
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Comics Cage Match

Listen: The Wake Up's "Comics Cage Match" Between Tim And Lance

This week's "Comics Cage Match" ends with an outstanding HAMILTON joke.
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Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Helps With Wrestling Match

Arnold Schwarzenegger attended an indie wrestling show over the weekend, and got involved in the action. Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger Helps Indie Wrestler Defeat Opponent
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Match The Country Star With Their Alcohol Brand

Somebody put together a list of alcohol brands that your favorite country stars are associated with as investors or in ownership. There are 13 in all, and we think it might be fun to see if you can match the alcohol brand with the star. 1. Código Tequila . . . George Strait 2. Blue Chair Bay Rum...
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Look: Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson Face-Off Headed To Pay-Per-View

Tiger Woods says that his $9 million, winner-take-all match against Phil Mickelson will be broadcast on pay-per-view on November 23rd. He also responded to Phil's trash-talking by pointing out that he's the odds-on favorite to win. It’s on @PhilMickelson #TigerVSPhil —...
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Watch: Kid's Reflection Doesn't Match Up

This clip has been racking up tons of hits. It's a young boy standing in front of a floor-length mirror, and then his reflection starts walking away BEFORE he does. Obviously, it's an optical illusion, but still! the more i watch this, the crazier it gets. -- — jolynn...
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Look: Mom Renames Son to Match Tattoo's Misspelling

A woman in Sweden got a tattoo a few years ago of her son's name, but instead of "Kevin," the tattoo artist accidentally wrote "Kelvin." So, the woman legally changed her son's name to Kelvin to match the tattoo. Click Here to see more.
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Viral Video: Match Spehere Gets Lit

This is weird, but interesting. Some guy realized that match heads are wider than their wooden bodies, so he glued 42,000 of them together to form a globe. It took him months. And then he hung it outside in the woods and lit it on fire. Video of 42,000 Match Sphere Gets Lit
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