couple having discussion

Look: Things All Couples Should Discuss Before Getting Married

Some things that all couples should discuss BEFORE getting married include...
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Couples Arguing

The Top Reasons Married Couples Argue

The most common reasons married couples argue are...
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Look: Get Married For Free At Denny's On Valentine's Day

You can get married for FREE at Denny's in Las Vegas on Valentine's Day.
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Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Married Tomorrow

Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancé Cooke Maroney are getting married tomorrow in Newport, Rhode Island. Jennifer is 29, Cooke is 34. They got engaged this past February, after less than a year of dating. Click Here to see more.
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What Married Couples Fight About

A relationship app called Lasting surveyed 75,000 married couples and found the top five things couples fight about... 1. Chores. Experts say the best way to avoid that one is to just split them up 50/50. Or as close to it as possible. 2. The definition of "clean." Men and women don't always agree...
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Jill Wedding

27% Of Us Have Gone To A Destination Wedding

Have you ever gone to a destination wedding? A survey of 1,500 Americans found 27% of us have. The other 73% haven't, mainly because it's too expensive. Here are five stats from the survey: 1. The number one reason we don't go is the cost. 71% of people cited it as the main reason they'd skip it...
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Look: Married Couple Always Wears Matching Outfits

A married couple in California have worn MATCHING OUTFITS every single day for 67 years. They got married at 19, they're both 87 now, and yes, every day, they wear matching clothes. ( Click Here to see more.
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Look: Gym Teacher And Guidance Counselor Get Married On Last Day Of School

A high school teacher and guidance counselor in Indianapolis surprised their friends on Wednesday, by getting married at half court in the school gymnasium. They did it! Congratulations to the happy @LNHSwildcats couple! -- #GoCats @FOX59 — LT Schools (@ltgoodnews) May 29...
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Celebrity Couples Who Got Married Or Engaged On Valentine's Day

Is it corny to make the Big Leap on Valentine's Day, or is it the most romantic thing you can do? Some celebrities bought into the romance. Here are 13 Couples Who Got Married or Engaged on Valentine's Day: 1. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart: Engaged 2009. Married June 2010. Still together. 2...
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The Best Cities To Get Married In 2019

WalletHub compared more than 180 U.S. cities to find the cheapest and most convenient wedding destinations that also promise a memorable day. They examined each city across 27 key indicators of wedding-friendliness, ranging from average wedding cost to venues and event spaces per capita to hotel...
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