boneless chicken wings

Watch: Man Promotes Renaming "Boneless Chicken Wings"

Watch a guy give an impassioned speech to a city council about renaming BONELESS CHICKEN WINGS??!!
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burned apartment

Look: Man Burns Apartment Down While Proposing To Girlfriend

A guy in England was proposing to his girlfriend this week, and he accidentally burned their apartment down!
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Dating A Man In Their 30s

A relationship expert is saying to NEVER date a man in their 30s??!!
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Look: Man Tries To Reheat Pizza With Airplane Light

A passenger on a plane REHEATED his pizza using the overhead light.
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wrong guy

Reasons Women Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy

Women often fall for the wrong guy, and here are some reasons WHY.
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Dr. Fauci

Look: Make Dr. Anthony Fauci The "Sexiest Man Alive"

There's a petition to Make Dr. Anthony Fauci the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE.
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blue man

Look: Man Tattoos Entire Body Blue

A man from Canada has tattooed his entire body BLUE.
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Look: Man With "Crime Pays" Tattoo Arrested

A guy with a "crime pays" tattoo was arrested.
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Listen: Man's Original Song Gets Drunk Driving Charges Dropped

A guy gets a drunk driving charge dismissed by writing and performing an original song??!!
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baby's first steps

Watch: Man Tracks Down Family After Finding Baby's First Steps Video

A man found a VHS tape of a baby's first steps and tracked down the family.
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