Look: Man Tries To Reheat Pizza With Airplane Light

A passenger on a plane REHEATED his pizza using the overhead light.
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wrong guy

Reasons Women Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy

Women often fall for the wrong guy, and here are some reasons WHY.
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Dr. Fauci

Look: Make Dr. Anthony Fauci The "Sexiest Man Alive"

There's a petition to Make Dr. Anthony Fauci the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE.
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blue man

Look: Man Tattoos Entire Body Blue

A man from Canada has tattooed his entire body BLUE.
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Look: Man With "Crime Pays" Tattoo Arrested

A guy with a "crime pays" tattoo was arrested.
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Listen: Man's Original Song Gets Drunk Driving Charges Dropped

A guy gets a drunk driving charge dismissed by writing and performing an original song??!!
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baby's first steps

Watch: Man Tracks Down Family After Finding Baby's First Steps Video

A man found a VHS tape of a baby's first steps and tracked down the family.
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sword in the stone

Look: Man Pulls Sword From "Sword In The Stone" At Disneyland

A guy was at Disneyland earlier this month and managed to pull the sword out of the stone... Which makes him king, right? Anyway, Disney employees said he was able to do it because it's, quote, "really old", and they're refurbishing it this month. so guests used to be able to pull out the sword in...
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Thank You sign

Watch: Delivery Man's "Love Actually" Thank You

A UPS driver in Pennsylvania used flashcards and a house's Ring doorbell to thank a homeowner for leaving him holiday treats. He wrote what was basically a poem about how working extra hours during the holiday season is worth it when someone shows kindness. He shows each card to the doorbell cam as...
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man in drag

Look: Man Dresses As His Mother To Take Driving Test

A guy in Brazil recently dressed up as his MOTHER to take her driving test for her. But the instructor figured it out, and he was arrested for fraud and misuse of someone's identity. ( Click Here to see more.
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