Reasons You Should Always Take A Lunch Break

Here are five reasons you should think about stepping away and eating somewhere else more often... 1. It helps you concentrate. Too much exposure to the same type of stimulus . . . like a computer screen . . . makes your brain get used to what it's seeing. So you're more likely to overlook...
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What Does the Time You Eat Lunch Say About You?

What can the time you eat lunch reveal about the kind of person you are? Apparently A LOT, according to the website Post Grad Problems. Here's their breakdown of what one can glean about a person based on his or her lunch time is: 11 a.m. or earlier: This is not lunch. This is second breakfast. You...
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Fundraiser: Arnold-Imperial Optimist Club Helps Pay Down School Lunch Debt

Many children depend on a nutritious lunch to help them through their school day. The Arnold-Imperial Optimist club would like to raise funds to help local families pay off school lunch debt becuase they believe all students should have access to quality lunches, no matter their family's financial...
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