Lucky Charms

Viral Video: Pothole Full Of Lucky Charms

This happened a couple of weeks ago but it's making the rounds now. A college student in Michigan filled a pothole with an entire box of Lucky Charms and a gallon of milk and then started EATING it with a spoon. He said he did it "for a laugh." — Andrew (@TheAndrewConda)...
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Photo: Lucky Charms Chooses New Marshamallow

Last week, Lucky Charms announced they were killing off the yellow and orange hourglass marshmallow, and they just revealed its replacement. It's a MAGICAL UNICORN marshmallow that's white with blue and purple swirls on the mane and horn. (General Mills) Boxes with the new unicorns are already...
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Lucky Charms To Get Rid Of One Marshmallow

Lucky Charms just announced that they're retiring one of their marshmallows this spring... The yellow and orange HOURGLASS marshmallow. It's only been a part of Lucky Charms since 2008, and it was the first marshmallow that had been added in 10 years. They haven't announced what they'll be...
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