Parking Strategies

When you pull into a parking lot, what's your strategy for finding a spot? A new study found there are really three approaches people take, and the worst one might NOT be what you think. Here are the three approaches... 1. People who drive right up to where they're going, hoping they'll find an...
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Watch: Parking Lot Pinball

This happened last month in Arkansas. A guy shot cell phone video of a woman whose car is wedged between two other cars in a nightclub parking lot. He tells her that one of the parked cars needs to be moved, but she ignores him. She revs her car and crunches up against the car in front of her,...
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Watch: Running Criminal Stopped By Parking Lot Gate

Security cam in Australia filmed some idiot getting karmic payback when he attempted to run THROUGH a parking lot gate. But the gate was spring-loaded in the middle, so it bounced right back and knocked him on his backside.
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