Watch: Toto's "Africa" On Eternal Loop In African Desert

It may seem like the TOTO song "Africa" is suddenly back, and playing on an eternal loop. Well, it actually IS if you happen to be in Africa. There's a "sound installation" somewhere in the Namib desert, which is playing "Africa" on a loop. The artist who put it there says it'll continue FOREVER...
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Watch: The Boring Company Loop System

In case you haven't seen this, Elon Musk posted video of a test drive through the "Boring Company Loop," which is a tunnel for cars that he's been drilling under Los Angeles. The system is in the early stages, but the video shows how it'll work. Video of The Boring Company Loop System
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Look: Froot Loops Donuts

When you order a box of Froot Loop donuts at Hardee's, you get a little box with five mini donuts that literally look like Froot Loops. (FoodBeast.com) And they're supposed to taste like Froot Loops! They go on sale today, if you want to see what it tastes like. Click Here to see more.
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