Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews to Perform on 'Pay It Forward Live' Stream in Support of Small Business Amid COVID-19

Dave Matthews is performing on Pay It Forward Live, an online entertainment series sponsored by Verizon in support of small businesses affected by COVID-19.
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Kevin "The Intern" Berghoff

Listen: Kevin's Inspirational Speech As Online School Resumes

Kevin gives a little pep talk to students resuming online classes today.
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Bye Carona

Listen: The Knack Performs "Bye, Carona!"

The guys behind "My Sharona" did a CARONA parody song to it??!!
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girls singing

Listen: Kids Sing "Virus In A Tree"

Two little girls sing a song called "Virus In A Tree".
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John & Jen

Listen: Inspirational Speaker John O'Leary Joins The Wake Up

Inspirational speaker John O'Leary has a new book out called "In Awe", and he recently shared what it's about on The Wake Up.
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Sklar Brothers

Listen: The Sklar Brothers Join The Wake Up with Jen & Tim

The Sklar Brothers bring their LIVE podcast show to St. Louis on March 20th.
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Friends Theme

Listen: The Evolution Of The "Friends" Theme Song

Check out the "Friends" theme song reimagined from the 1920s to the 1990s.
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Lady Gaga

WORLD PREMIERE of Lady Gaga's New Single 'Stupid Love' Happening Tonight on Y98 will have the world premiere of Lady Gaga's new single "Stupid Love" on Thursday at 11 p.m. CT.
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Listen: Man's Original Song Gets Drunk Driving Charges Dropped

A guy gets a drunk driving charge dismissed by writing and performing an original song??!!
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Bruno Mars

Listen: The Best Wake Up Songs

Our listeners give us their favorite SONS to WAKE UP to.
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