Listen: "Brainstorm" Or "Green Needle"

There's a new audio illusion floating around the Internet and it MIGHT mess with your mind even more. In this clip, a little toy lights up and says either "brainstorm" or "green needle." If you're wondering about which is correct, the toy is officially saying "brainstorm." Think the Laurel or Yanny...
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Listen: John Goodman Becomes The Voice Of ABC News

John Goodman will be the new voice of ABC News, which the network revealed in a new promo. Video of ABC News - Straightforward
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Listen: "Yanny" Or "Laurel"?

There's an audio recording going viral right now where a computer-generated voice is either saying "Yanny" or "Laurel." And apparently there are a few factors that influence what you hear, including things like how well your speakers play lower frequencies. What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel pic...
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The Genres Of Music We Listen To When We Want To Feel Happy

A new survey found the genres of music that people are the most likely to listen to when they want to feel HAPPY. And here are the results... 1. Pop. 2. Rock. 3. Pop rock. 4. Classical. 5. Dance. 6. Country. 7. Disco. 8. Ballads. 9. Musicals. 10. Indie rock. One more thing from the survey: It also...
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Listen: Taylor Swift's "September" Cover

Taylor Swift just remade the Earth, wind, & Fire classic "September". Video of Taylor Swift - September (Lyrics)
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Songs Psychopaths Listen To

A study has found that PSYCHOPATHS listen to...
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