Who On The Show

Listen: "Who On The Show?" Dating Stats

The Wake Up with Jen and Tim plays another round of "Who On The Show?
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woman with computer

Listen: "Missed Connections" For The Quarantined

Lance Hildebrand reads you today's batch of "Missed Connections".
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Puddle of Mudd

Listen: Puddle Of Mudd Tries (And Fails) With Nirvana Cover

Listen to a TERRIBLE cover of Nirvana's "About a Girl" from Puddle of Mudd.
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Listen: The Wake Up's Ideas For The "All In Challenge"

The Wake Up with Jen and Tim share THEIR ideas for what they could offer in the "All In Challenge".
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Michael Palascak

Listen: Comedian Michael Palascak

Comedian Michael Palascak returns to The Wake Up to share some laughs.
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Who On The Show

Listen: Who On The Show Would Do What Quarantine Trend?

The Wake Up with Jen and Tim play another round of "Who On The Show?" as their office mates weigh in.
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Sean O'Brien

Listen: Comedian Sean O'Brien

Comedian Sean O'Brien joined The Wake Up to talk about his quarantine experiences.
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missed connections

Listen: Missed Connections: Hooking Up In A Pandemic

Today's "Missed Connections" include several people trying to "hook up" during a pandemic.
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Listen: Lance's Incredible Weightloss While Quarantined

While in quarantine, Lance has lost a TON of weight by doing really nothing.
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Apollo Spacecraft

Listen: "Bona Fide Or Bogus": The Apollo 13 Crisis

Today's "Bona Fide Or Bogus" is all about the Apollo 13 crisis.
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