Listen: "The Temptations In The Fridge" Song

A song about the TEMPTATIONS in the fridge has gone viral.
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cat singing

Listen: Cat Sings Led Zeppelin

Enjoy a cat singing to Led Zeppelin.
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Listen: Nickelback's "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" Cover

Nickelback has released their cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia".
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Watch: SpongeBob's "Indoors Song"

Watch as SpongeBob sings about the JOY of staying indoors.
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Listen: Sausage Piano

Check out a piano that is MADE of sausages!
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Listen: Tim Convy On The Best Of Helium Comedy Album

Tim Convy is featured on the Best Of Helium's NEW comedy album.
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Listen: Tim Convy Gets Engaged!

Tim Convy and his "love interest" got engaged on Friday night!
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Listen: Jen Gives An Update On Her Jaw Being Wired Shut

The Wake Up gets a chance to talk with Jen after she just got her jaw WIRED SHUT.
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Will Ferrell

Listen: Will Ferrell's Hit Song

Will Ferrel's "Husavik", from his new Netflix movie "Eurovison Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga", just debuted at #16 on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart.
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Listen: Highway Plays "America The Beautiful"

Rumble strips on a highway in New Mexico actually play "America the Beautiful" when you dive over them.
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