"Emergency Coats" Available In Indiana Town

A couple in South Bend, Indiana has been hanging "emergency coats" all over their town that ANYONE can take if they get caught out in cold weather. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Ump Leaves After Crowd Harassment

This recently happened in Newport Beach, California. It's an umpire at a youth baseball game arguing with some obnoxious parents. They've clearly been harassing him, and he's had enough. It comes to a head when a woman yells, quote, "Are you mad because the kids are taller than you?" An that's the...
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Look: Deep-Fried Maple Leaves

The Spirit Tree Estate Cidery in Caledon, Ontario, Canada is serving a new food this weekend DEEP-FRIED MAPLE LEAVES??!! Deep fried maple leafs?! Yup, that's right! We've salt cured our maple leafs and coated them in cider tempura batter and drizzled them with a maple apple soya sauce and peanut...
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Watch: Boyfriend Leaves Wedding After Girlfriend Catches Bouquet

As far as impromptu stunts go, this one's good because I respect the commitment. It's at a wedding, and somebody was filming the bouquet toss. After a bridesmaid catches it, her boyfriend shoots out of the place like there's no tomorrow. Video of BOYFRIEND RUNS OUT OF WEDDING AFTER GIRLFRIEND...
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Watch: Sara Gilbert Leaves "The Talk"

Sara Gilbert's final episode of "The Talk" was this past Friday... Video of The Talk - Sara Gilbert's Tearful Words to Sharon Osbourne; 'I love you and this is not goodbye'
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Watch: "Madden NFL 20" Leaves Tom Brady Hanging On A High Five

"Madden 20" is so realistic, it even features Tom Brady getting left hanging on a high five. Celebrating your record breaking performance in #Madden20 ... https://t.co/aBanGx3rup pic.twitter.com/gS8ZjqRD5q — Madden NFL 20 (@EAMaddenNFL) July 15, 2019
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Gloria Vanderbilt Leaves Fortune To Son Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper's mother GLORIA VANDERBILT left most of her $200 million fortune to him even though he's already worth $110 million on his own. He previously said that he didn't expect to get any of her estate, because he doesn't believe in inheriting money. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Burglar Steals Surveillance Camera And Leaves It On

A burglar in Louisiana stole a surveillance camera that was recording and DIDN'T turn it off, so it caught him in the act. Video of Burglar Steals Neighbor's Surveillance Camera While Still Rolling
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Jumps Into Pile Of Leaves

This one features several clips of a dog named Stella running full speed into a huge pile of leaves in the front yard.
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What The Tooth Fairy Pays Per Tooth Today

The Tooth Fairy's payouts continue to slip year-by-year. The national average per tooth is now $3.70, down 43 cents from last year. Kids in the western U.S. get a little more at $4.13 per tooth. Kids in the Midwest get the least at just $2.97. Click Here to see more.
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