Watch: Pasta PC

Micha Laplante from Chicopee, Massachusetts just built a computer out of LASAGNA. Technically, it's just the computer CASE. The internal parts are actually, you know, electronics. But the case is all layers of uncooked noodles. And his lasagna computer actually worked... Although he said it...
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Watch: Gender Reveal Lasagna

The restaurant chain Villa Italian Kitchen just created a GENDER REVEAL LASAGNA. If you order it, they'll dye the cheese inside blue or pink based on the gender of your baby. Want a fun way to reveal the gender of your baby? Our Gender Reveal Lasagna is your answer! Celebrate your family’s new...
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Look: Olive Garden's Pasta Chips And Lasagna Dip

Olive Garden is now selling a lasagna chips-and-dip combo. But the chips are made of PASTA. ( Click Here to see more.
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