Things You Didn't Know About Father's Day

Father's Day is on Sunday. Here are six things you probably don't know about the holiday... 1. It's written as Father's Day . . . with the apostrophe after the "R". The holiday's creator wanted it to be Fathers' Day with the apostrophe after the "S" . . . but Congress put the apostrophe after the "...
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Do Your Kids Know These Old Technology Items?

A new survey showed pictures of old technology to kids who were between six and 18 years old, and asked them what they were looking at. And here are the results... 1. Pager . . . 86% had no idea what it was. 2. Overhead projector . . . 71%. 3. Floppy disk . . . 67%. 4. Cassette . . . 40%. 5. Video...
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Viral Video: Teen Doesn't Know How To Use A Rotary Phone

Here's a funny video going around where a grandma yells at her granddaughter for not knowing how to use a rotary phone. Video of Teenager doesn't know how to use rotary phone - Daily Mail
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