Watch: Lightning Knocks Out Power After Wedding's Final Blessing

A recent wedding in Italy went dark when a bolt of lightning knocked out the power, right after the priest finished the final blessing. We're not sure if that's a GOOD omen or not. But it got a big round of applause. Video of Lightning knocks out the power in an Italian church during the final...
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Watch: Demi Lovato Knocks Jay Galzer's Tooth Out

Demi Lovato was doing some MMA training with Jay Glazer from Fox Sports, and she knocked his tooth out! Holy shit I literally knocked @jayglazer’s tooth out during training this morning - while he was wearing a mouth piece!!!! Hahahahaha sorry (not sorry) Jay!!! -------- So coach, when’s my first...
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Watch: Family May Need To Pay $132,000 After Son Knocks Over Statue

A little kid in Kansas recently knocked over a statue inside a community center. Now his parents might be on the hook for $132,000. Video of Kansas family may need to pay for $132,000 after son topples statue
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