Toy safety group releases annual list of top 10 'worst' toys to avoid this holiday season

Cute plastic animals with tiny accessories that pose a choking hazard, Black Panther-inspired claws with the potential to cause facial or eye injuries, and more toys on the list. Read the full story.
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How to talk to your children about socially distanced holidays amid COVID-19

The holidays are going to be much different than this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The changes could be a lot on your children. Experts suggest talking to them about how the 2020 holidays will be impacted. Read more now.
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DOE updates grading policy so students won't be penalized for late work, attendance amid COVID

In the era of remote learning, the Department of Education implemented an updated grading policy for the remainder of the academic year. Per the guidelines, students won’t have their grades lowered for late work or lack of attendance this year.
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kid eating soup

The Best Foods For Kids To Eat When They Are Sick

The BEST foods for kids to eat when they are SICK include...
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parenting hack

'Screen Time Rewards' And Other Parenting Hacks To Get Kids To Do Stuff

Some parenting HACKS to get kids to do things include...
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Stray pit bull stayed next to wandering toddler on streets until help arrived

Man’s best friend became more like baby’s best friend as a stray pit bull in St. Louis seemed to be protecting a young boy that had run away from his father’s home.
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kid question

Would You Rather Swim In Jell-O Or Pudding? Fun 'Would-You-Rather' Questions For Your Kids

Some fun WOULD-YOU-RATHER questions for kids include...
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8-year-old amputee gets Iron Man bionic arm

An 8-year-old in Lynnfield, Massachusetts has just received an Iron Man-inspired bionic arm after having his own arm amputated. See the results.
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Halloween Costumes

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids, Adults, And Pets

The popular Halloween costumes for kids, adults, and pets inlcude...
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online school

How To Help Your Kids Pay Attention To Online School

Some tips to help your kids pay attention to online school include...
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