talking to kids

How To Talk To Kids About Racism, Protests And Injustice

According to experts, some good ways to talk to your kids about racism, protests and injustice include...
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10-Year-Old Sends Art Kits to Kids Across Country as a Form of Therapy

On Chelsea Phaire’s 10th birthday last August, she launched her own charity, called Chelsea’s Charity. With the help of her family in Connecticut, she packs up kits of art supplies and sends them to kids across the country.
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kids on phone

The Right Ages For Kids' "Firsts"

A new survey of parents found the ages of kids when they should start getting things like an allowance or a phone.
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home schooling

Listen: Occupational Therapist Cindy McFarland's Home Schooling Tips

Occupational therapist Cindy McFarland from Miriam Learning Center joins the Wake Up to help keep kids on track with their school work right now.
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'Virtual Babysitting' Gives Parents a Much-Needed Quarantine Break

One quarantined mom had a genius idea for parents at their wit’s end attempting to entertain and watch the little ones while simultaneously working from home. That’s how the idea of virtual babysitting was born.
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Kurt Warner

Watch: Kurt Warner's Kids Create Rube Goldberg Machine Game

The children of Kurt Warner have made quite a game while in quarantine.
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Jen & Finn

Are We Listening To Our Quietest Kids?

Just because you child isn't talking about Coronavirus doesn't mean they aren't thinking about it.
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girls singing

Listen: Kids Sing "Virus In A Tree"

Two little girls sing a song called "Virus In A Tree".
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safety rules

Safety Rules Modern Parents Have To Set For Their Kids

Here are the top safety rules that maodern parents have to set for their kids.
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Nearly 6 Million Contigo Kids' Water Bottles Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

Do you have a Contigo water bottle for your child? According to the company, you may want to take it away from them. Nearly 6 million of the bottles have been recalled due to a choking hazard.
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