Hugh Jackman

Watch: Celebrities Rally For Bullied Kid

Celebrities are rallying around a bullied Australian kid who has dwarfism.
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Jason Voorhees

Watch: Jason From "Friday The 13th" Picks Up Kid At School

A kid's birthday wish was to get picked up from school by Jason from "Friday the 13th".
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Listen: Kid's "I Want Chicken Nuggets" Song

Enjoy a little kid's heavy metal song about chicken nuggets.
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box on porch

Watch: When Your Kid Finds His Christmas Gift On The Porch

Doorbell cam filmed a kid coming home from school and seeing his gift on the porch. He's so excited he jumps up and down and even hugs it. When grandma comes by she has to LIE and say it's for other people and was delivered to the wrong house. Video of Kid Excited After Accidentally Seeing...
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Watch: Trying To Trick Kid Into Eating Vegetables

A dad tried to trick his son into eating asparagus by hiding it inside penne pasta. The kid's focused on his phone so the dad hand-feeds him. Seems to work at first because the boy chews it for a bit. But when he recognizes what it is, he gives his dad a weird look, and then spits it onto his plate...
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Watch: Kid Stands In Cold For Chick-fil-A

A video has gone viral of an 11-year-old kid standing in front of a Chick-fil-A in Cheektowaga, New York, which is near Buffalo. The store is new, and as one of the first 100 customers, the kid won a year's worth of free food. Someone interviewed him about it, and his answer is so matter of fact,...
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Watch: Kid Draws Perfect Circle At Talent Show

This video is a great example of how presentation is everything. A kid "nailed" his school talent competition, and all he did was draw a perfect circle. It starts with him standing alone and confident in the middle of the stage. He says, "hit it" and a curtain opens behind him showing a giant dry...
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Watch: Kid Really Wants To Be Chocolate Chips For Halloween

This is a fun video from last week that's still making the rounds. It's a cute kid named Leo who keeps getting asked what he wants to be for Halloween and every single time he says chocolate chips. And then at the end, you see that his wish came true. It's photos of him wearing a box of Nestle Toll...
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Kid Calls 911 For Happy Meal

A five-year-old kid in Arizona called 911 last week and asked for a Happy Meal, and it worked. A cop showed up at his house to do a welfare check, just in case something was wrong. And he actually DID bring him a Happy Meal. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Kid Fills Empty Bowl With Own Halloween Candy

An eight-year-old boy in Maryland came across an empty candy bowl outside a house while he was trick-or-treating, so he put some of his own candy from his bag into the bowl to share with other kids. Click Here to see more and watch the video.
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