Watch: Meghan Markle's Baby Kick

Watch Meghan Markle's baby KICK. WOW! Look at this! The precious moment Baby Sussex kicked Meghan’s lungs out of her -- He/she really wants to come out to meet us people! No wonder mummy needs to hold to calm -- A post shared by Meghan & Harry -- supporters (@harry_meghan_updates) on Feb 4,...
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Watch: Backflip Penalty Kick

A Russian soccer player named Norik Avdalyan recently scored a penalty kick, but that's only the half of it. He netted it while in the process of doing a backflip. Вы когда-нибудь видели такое исполнение пенальти?!!! ------ — Сборная России (@TeamRussia) October 8, 2018
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Viral Video: Addressing "the Karate Kid" Crane Kick

The ending of "The Karate Kid" is still troubling to many people, 34 years after the movie came out, because Daniel won with a crane kick straight to Johnny's face... Even though a kick like that would probably be illegal in that type of tournament. But don't worry, the controversy is addressed in...
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