Prince Harry

Burger King Offers Prince Harry A Job

As Prince Harry and Megan Markle "step away" from their Royal Duties, Burger King has stepped in to offer the prince a job. They feel their crown will "fit perfectly". Click Here to see more.
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refusing a job

Dealbreakers For Accepting A Job

Here are the seven dealbreakers that would make us turn down a job, according to a new survey . . . 1. Inappropriate interview questions. 2. Unrealistic job or skill requirements. 3. A job ad that misrepresented the duties. 4. Aggressive behavior from a recruiter or hiring manager. 5. A company not...
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job interview

The Worst Color To Wear To A Job Interview

CareerBuilder talked to over 2,000 hiring managers, and found that the worst color you can wear in an interview is ORANGE. 25% said orange makes you look more unprofessional than any other color. The MOST-professional color you can wear is blue. And black was a close second. According to the survey...
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Job Interview

Terrible First Impressions At A Job Interview

According to a new survey, we put more pressure on making a good first impression at a job interview than we do in other stressful situations like meeting your new significant other's parents, or going on a first date. And even with all that pressure to get it right, most of us have majorly screwed...
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Golden Retrievers

British Couple Offers $40,000 Salary to Watch Their Golden Retrievers

(Y98) - A couple in London, England, is seeking someone to watch their golden retrievers--and they're willing to pay about $40,000 for the full-time dog-sitting gig. The couple wants someone to move into their home and watch Milo and Oscar full-time, as they are corporate executives who frequently...
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Hallmark Christmas Movie Dream Job

A website is advertising a PAID gig to watch Hallmark Christmas movies. If you watch 24 movies in 12 days, and talk about your experience on social media, you can get $1,000. Would you do it? Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Disney+ Dream Job Announcement

A "dream job" will pay someone $1,000 to watch 30 Disney movies on Disney+ in 30 days. Video of Disney+ Dream Job Announcement
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Watch: Bad Job - Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial

You know those Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials where an actor is in front of the Statue of Liberty, and pretends to be a customer raving about how great they are? Well, this is one of their best. It's a smarmy actor who can't do anything right. Video of Bad Job - Liberty Mutual Insurance...
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Dressing Up For Job Interviews

Even though offices have gotten more casual, a new survey found you still need to dress up for job interviews. Only 4% of hiring managers say it's okay to be totally casual during an interview. 37% say you should ALWAYS dress formally . . . 36% lean that way, but say it depends on the job you're...
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Watch: SToK Cold Brew's "Quit Your Job And Follow Your Passion" Contest

A coffee company called SToK Cold Brew is holding a contest where they're going to give three people $30,000 to quit or take a break from their job and follow their dream for a month. If you're interested, you have to tell them in 300 words or less what you'd do with the money. The deadline is...
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