Jill Devine

Iced Coffee

Why You Can And Should Drink Iced Coffee All Year Long

Have you ever gone into a coffee shop on a chilly day and ordered an iced coffee? Have you felt the judgment of barista and customers alike for your order? Post Grad Problems feels your pain, and has now published an argument for why you should drink what you want--including iced coffee--all year...
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Prince Harry And The Duchess Of Sussex

Meghan Markle Slammed For Excessive Baby-Bump Cradling At British Fashion Awards

Meghan Markle's got baby bump fever, and now she's getting slammed online for the way she appeared to cradle her baby bump with two hands nonstop at the British Fashion Awards in London on Monday night. "Cupping the bump? WHO DOES THIS?" one irate Twitter critic ranted. "Who the hell does she think...
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Apple and Lu

Tips For Introducing Pets To Your Baby

Even though we recently went through this with Lu and Apple, we still need to keep in mind we are adding another baby to the family and we need to properly introduce her to Apple. Whether you are bringing home your first baby or fourth, here are some great tips from Pregnant Chicken : First let me...
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Jill Devine at West County Mall

Jill Devine at West County Mall

Jill Devine and the Y98 Bubly Sparkling Water Entourage at West County Center with games and prizes!
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Kathie and Hoda

Kathie Lee Gifford Is Leaving "TODAY" In April After 11 Years With Hoda Kotb

Kathie Lee Gifford will walk away from TODAY in April 2019 after co-hosting the show's 10 a.m. hour with Hoda Kotb for the past 11 years. “In 2008, I joined the TODAY family intending to spend one year. But something unexpected happened along the way: I fell in love with a beautiful, talented,...
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Watch: Feezer Meals For Maternity Leave

One thing I learned (one of MANY things) while on maternity leave with Lu, having prepared and easy meals is a lifesaver. I remember living off lunchmeat for lunch because it was an easy go-to. When I got pregnant with baby girl #2, I read an article about how to prepare (as best as you can) for a...
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Amy Schumer

Pregnant Amy Schumer Shares Video Of Herself Throwing Up In Public Bathroom

Amy Schumer's brand of no-holds-barred comedy apparently extends to the contents of her stomach. On Saturday, Amy shared a video that shows her puking her guts out thanks to her intense nausea--this time in a public restroom. "Deep in my second trimester and all I can say is nope!" Schumer...
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Hand Soap

The Best And Worst Types Of Hand Soaps In Public Restrooms

Not all hand soaps are created equal! Post Grad Problems took the liberty to rank all the hand soaps you'll encounter in public restrooms--except, glaringly, powdered soap. Here's how they stack up, from worst to first: Pink soap. Big Hand Soap made this stuff with 24/7 rest stops in mind, and...
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The Most Popular Male And Female Dog Names Of 2018

According to the petsitting platform Rover.com, these are the 10 most popular male dog names of 2018: Max Charlie Cooper Buddy Jack Rocky Duke Bear Tucker Oliver And these are the 10 most popular female dog names of 2018: Bella Lucy Luna Daisy Lola Sadie Molly Bailey Maggie Stella Click HERE to see...
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Dad and Son

Dads Spend Three Times As Much Time With Their Kids Than Previous Generations 

Let me start this blog out by saying, this is no disrespect to my Father or any other Father. I think each generation evolves a little more in regard to how hands-on Fathers are. I already see it with Brian. Think about past generations and how the Father wouldn't even be in the delivery room when...
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