Jill Devine


#GiveMenAdvicein5Words began trending on Twitter last night

The hashtag "#GiveMenAdvicein5Words" began trending on Sunday night, prompting people to share their words of wisdom for dudes. Here are highlights: Just follow the damn instructions. It's okay to be sensitive. Ask someone for f**king directions. ​ Little surprises are always appreciated. Do the f...
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Jill Mom Tips

Check out these awesome produce tips from Schnucks

Summer is THE time of year for produce! At Schnucks , you will find fresh AND local produce. Here's what's in stores right now: watermelons tomatoes zucchini yellow squash red potatoes peppers cucumbers eggplant cabbage ECKERTS PEACHES KELLER SWEET CORN I know I'm not the only one who has questions...
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Google Glass

These products are considered the biggest flop of all time

Remember Google Glass, those high-tech glasses they started selling about five years ago? No one bought them, because the $1,500 price tag was too high and now they've been named the biggest product flop ever. The website 24/7 Wall Street put together a list of the top 50 failed products of all...
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Jill Leopard Outfit

Celebrate Fun Shirt Friday with Leopard Boutique and me

I love buying fun shirts. Fun shirts to me may be different to you, but that's what's so great about it - it's all about what YOU think is fun! So, I started wearing my fun shirts on Fridays and my co-workers joined along and now we have Fun Shirt Fridays! One of my favorite places to shop is...
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Kids Watching Movies

BuzzFeed has another list full of valid points.

BuzzFeed has put together a list of 13 children's films that aren't considered horror movies, but are actually pretty creepy when you think about it. Here are some highlights: Jumanji. An innocent young boy and his crush decide to play an odd board game. The boy's soul gets violently dragged into...
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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is the cutest

Proving she's total mom material, Meghan Markle couldn't help but laugh when a little boy decided to reach out and pet her hair during her visit to Ireland this week. ET notes that the meet-cute moment took place during a Wednesday event at Croke Park, where the royal couple greeted and cheered on...
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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is taking over Nashville with cocktails

Luke Bryan is adding his name to the list of country musicians-turned-bar owners in Nashville. According to BizJournals.com , Luke is in the early stages of developing a bar and music venue at a two-story stone building at the intersection of Third Avenue and Broadway. The building is owned by the...
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Celebrate National Ice Cream Day At Clementine’s Creamery 

Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery, the only all-natural micro-creamery in the state of Missouri, is gearing up for the sweetest day of the year – National Ice Cream Day! Clementine’s Naughty...
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Nicki Minaj

Buzzfeed has another great list about celebs

BuzzFeed has put together a list of celebrities who paid their dues before finding fame and fortune. Here are some highlights: Amy Adams was a Hooters waitress. Emma Stone used to work at a bakery for dogs. Kanye West worked at The Gap. Megan Fox was a human banana at a fruit smoothie shop. Gwen...
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You're either a cat person or you're not

A recent survey asked a bunch of cat owners to list the top ways their cat misbehave. Here are the ten most common bad cat behaviors. Clawing the furniture. Going NUTS all of a sudden, and sprinting around the house for no reason. Jumping up on stuff they're not supposed to. Bringing a mouse or a...
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