couple talking

Steps To Better Communication In Relationships

Some steps to BETTER communication in your relationships include...
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groom bride

Watch: Groom's Mom Goes Off At Wedding

A groom's mom went OFF on teh bride at a recent wedding.
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Look: Is This Really Adele?

A new post on social media has fans asking, "Is this really Adele?"
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Dating A Man In Their 30s

A relationship expert is saying to NEVER date a man in their 30s??!!
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white wine

Wine Mistakes For National White Wine Day

Today is National White Wine Day, and people make a ton of mistakes when it comes to drinking wine.
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Larry Bird

Look: Tomato Looks Like Larry Bird

Someone found a tomato that people think looks an awful lot like basketball great Larry Bird.
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August Calendar

Things To Look Forward To In August

Some things to look forward to in August...
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Watch: Son Imprints Face On Dad's Sunburn

Here's a perfect imprint of a boy's FACE on his dad's sunburn.
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bored TV

The Most Overrated TV Show In Each State

The most OVERRATED TV shows in each state include...
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Drew Barrymore

Watch: Drew Barrymore Interviews Her 7-Year-Old Self

Drew Barrymore interviewed the younger version of HERSELF to promote her upcoming talk show.
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