Jared Leto

Watch: Shirtless Jared Leto Dancing

You can ask why Jared Leto is dancing shirtless, or you can just enjoy it. Anyone wanna dance? -------- #MonolithTour pic.twitter.com/rv3U9wivo7 — JARED LETO (@JaredLeto) August 23, 2018
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Look: Jared Leto's "Tonight Show" Look

Jared Leto's look on Monday's "Tonight Show" has inspired a lot of great nicknames, including Popsicle Jesus, Gucci Jesus, Disco Jesus, and a Jesus Piñata. my dude, tell me why jared leto looks like a popsicle jesus rn lmao #PopsicleJesus pic.twitter.com/0Mhibt111e — BigButteryBiscuit (@...
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