James Holzhauer

The Ultimate 'Jeopardy!' Face-Off Is Coming

By Jacquie Cadorette It was the "Jeopardy!" loss that shook the nation – James Holzhauer gave the correct answer, but was no match for Emma Boettcher who bid higher in Final Jeopardy . Now, the two will go head-to-head once more in the Tournament of Champions. The "Jeopardy!" 2019 Tournament of...
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The "Jeopardy!" Questions That James Holzhauer Got Wrong

"Jeopardy!" champion JAMES HOLZHAUER may be unbeatable, but he's not infallible. As of Wednesday night, he'd gotten 27 questions wrong. Here are 10 of them: 1. A 2016 interview with this "Batman" actor found him looking sad; the internet then made him the meme we deserve. James: Who is Christian...
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Look: How James Holzhauer Keeps Winning On "Jeopardy!"

"Jeopardy!" contestant James Holzhauer won his 14th game yesterday, bringing his total winnings up to $1,061,554. He's just the second person to surpass $1 million. Ken Jennings won more than $2.5 million in 2004, but it took him 74 straight wins to get to that point. James shared some of his...
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