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How Risky Is It To Go Out Now?

Several experts weigh the risks about going out as the U.S. slowly re-opens.
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kids wearing masks

What School Could Look Like When It Re-Opens

Experts predict what school might look like when it reopens.
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Watch: McDonald's McFlurry Spoon Explained

There is finally an answer as to WHY the McDonald's McFlurry SPOON looks the way it does.
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How Long It Takes To Get The "Perfect" Selfie

Here's how long someone takes to get a "perfect" selfie.
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What It Takes To Be A "Best Friend"

Here's what it takes to be a BEST FRIEND.
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Josh Gad

Watch: Josh Gad's Daughter's Meltdown Makes It Into "Frozen 2"

Four years ago, JOSH GAD's daughter got REALLY upset when she realized she wasn't going to be a kid forever. Josh showed video of her meltdown to the "Frozen" people, and they made it part of Olaf's journey in the sequel. Four years ago, during dinner one night our beautiful little girl had a huge...
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What Doesn't Kill Your Career Makes It Stronger

A new study found that what doesn't kill your career only makes it stronger. People who suffer early setbacks at work tend to try even harder to succeed, and end up being more successful in the long run. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Oprah Buys Fan Phone After Mocking It

Oprah Winfrey recently joked about a student's cracked phone while visiting Morehouse College. Then she sent him a brand new iPhone 11 with a personal note. It said, quote, "We can't have you out here viewing the world through a cracked screen or a cracked cover." she played me ------‍♂️ @Oprah pic...
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How Much Money It Would Take To Give Up Social Media

A new study asked just how much money it'd take for us to give up certain soical media websites... 1. We'd need $17,530 per year to give up all search engines, especially Google. That means it's worth about $48-per-day to us. 2. We'd need $8,414 to give up email, meaning it's worth around $23-a-day...
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The Similarities Of Mary Poppins And Pennywise The Clown

Somebody came up with a theory that Pennywise the Clown from "It" and Mary Poppins are members of the same species. Check out some of the similarities... 1. They both return every twenty-something years: 27 for Pennywise, 25 for Mary. 2. They return to "regenerate" energy from a new group of...
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