Chris Evans

Look: Chris Evans Is Covered In Tattoos

Chris Evans fans are surprised to find out that he's COVERED in tattoos.
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very likely

How Likely Is 'Likely'?

A survey looked at when someone says "likely to happen', and then asked people to put a number on it.
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Doing Something Legal That Feels Illegal

Name something that's legal but FEELS illegal while you're doing it.
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Tom Hardy

Is Tom Hardy The Next James Bond?

Tom Hardy is rumored to be the NEXT James Bond.
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Look: Is This Really Adele?

A new post on social media has fans asking, "Is this really Adele?"
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Listen: Tim Convy On The Best Of Helium Comedy Album

Tim Convy is featured on the Best Of Helium's NEW comedy album.
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Kanye West

Look: Kanye West Is Running For President

Kanye West has announced that he is running for PRESIDENT.
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new normal

How Risky Is It To Go Out Now?

Several experts weigh the risks about going out as the U.S. slowly re-opens.
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What Really Is In A Vaccine

The most common ingredients in VACCINES include...
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social distancing

What To Do When Someone Isn't Social Distancing

Here's what to do when someone ISN'T social distancing.
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