Ironing Survey

A recent survey found ironing is the household chore people HATE the most. Only 16% of people said they enjoy doing it. But apparently the people who do like it REALLY like it. Because they're out there ironing stuff most of us never would. Here's a quick rundown of different things, and how many...
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Watch: Hugh Jackman Pumping Iron

Hugh Jackman is again hitting the gym, but this time it's to get in shape for his big world tour. Gym Heckler. #dogpound #Bri #cameo — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) January 7, 2019
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Watch: Road Rage Bus Attack

A passenger on a Greyhound bus last week shot cell phone video of a woman with road rage bashing the bus with a tire iron. Then the woman goes back to her car and tries to pull away, even though the bus driver is standing in FRONT calling 911. She drives off with him ON the hood of her car until he...
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