2018's Dumbest Things People Have Done In Job Interviews

CareerBuilder just put out its annual list of the dumbest things people have done in job interviews. Here are the top 10... 1. Someone asked for a cocktail during their interview. 2. A job candidate asked if they could taste the interviewer's coffee. 3. Someone tried to bribe their interviewer by...
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Viral Video: Tonight Show Fallon Five: Paul Rudd

Jimmy Fallon is doing five-minute shows during the Olympics every night this week. Last night he did a one-minute interview with Paul Rudd. (Paul didn't get to say much since the bit was about Jimmy interrupting him for the next question every time he opened his mouth.) Video of Tonight Show Fallon...
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Four Things We Learned From Charlie Puth's Billboard Cover Story This Week

Charlie Puth just shared a ton of new insights about his life and career with Billboard Magazine for a brand new cover story. Yeah, we finally got to hear details about his rumored relationship with Selena Gomez.
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