Look: Motorcyclist Rescues Injured Bald Eagle

A guy on a motorcycle in Pennsylvania stopped to save an injured bald eagle on the road on Saturday. A motorcyclist in Downingtown saved the life of this bald eagle -- on this Memorial Day weekend ... He saw her standing on the road & wrapped his shirt around her & brought her to safety...
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Look: Taylor Swift Sends Flowers To Injured Fan

Taylor Swift saw that one of her fans was in the hospital recovering from a broken back and neck, and wanted to brighten her day. So she sent her flowers and a handwritten note. ‪i finally stopped crying long enough to post that taylor swift just sent me flowers and a handwritten note... im still...
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Watch: Helicopter Rescues Injured Skier

A helicopter pilot in the French Alps pulled off an impressive landing and rescue of a skier who injured his leg. Someone in the ski party shot video of the chopper, which has a long spike at the tip of its nose that it drives INTO the snow to act as an anchor.
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Backstreet Boys

14 Backstreet Boys Fans Were Hospitalized

A Backstreet Boys show in Oklahoma had to be canceled on Saturday, after more than a dozen people were hospitalized. The boys were supposed to play an outdoor venue at the Colosseum at WinStar World Casino and Resort, but staff started clearing people out due to heavy rain and 80-mile-per-hour...
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Watch: Phillies Fan Injured By Hot Dog Cannon

Fans of the Phillies know how their mascot the Phanatic always drives around between innings, shooting hot dogs into the stands out of a gun. On Monday night a flying hot dog hit a fan right between the eyes, and left her face all busted up. Her name is Kathy McVay, and she's not going to sue...
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