2020's Best And Worst Cities To Drive In

An annual study ranked the best and worst cities to drive in.
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The Moment You Realize You Are In Love By Zodiac Sign

Using the zodiac, here's the EXACT MOMENT when you realize that you are in LOVE...
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bored TV

The Most Overrated TV Show In Each State

The most OVERRATED TV shows in each state include...
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Listen: Jen Gives An Update On Her Jaw Being Wired Shut

The Wake Up gets a chance to talk with Jen after she just got her jaw WIRED SHUT.
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July Calendar

Things To Look Forward To In July

Some things to look forward to in July include...
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What Really Is In A Vaccine

The most common ingredients in VACCINES include...
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Christmas Movie

The Hallmark Channel's "17 Day Christmas Marathon" In July

The Hallmark Channel is kicking off the Christmas season early this year its annual holiday-themed film slate starting in July.
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Flaming Lips

Watch: The Flaming Lips Perform In Bubbles

The Falming Lips recently performed a LIVE event where each member, and every FAN, was in a seperate BUBBLE.
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Watch: Wrongly Incarcerated Singer Archie Williams Delivers Unforgettable Song On "America's Got Talent"

"America's Got Talent" returned for its new season last night, and we already have an early sentimental favorite.
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Things We Failed At During Quarantine

Some of the things that we have FAILED at during quaranitne include...
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