Watch: Abraham Lincoln's Image Found In Springfield, Illinois' Dirt

There's a woman named Lori Day who lives in Springfield, Illinois, just a block away from where Abraham Lincoln once lived. And if you believe the sign she got, he's still HAUNTING the town. Lori was cleaning last week when she found a clump of dirt that looks like Abraham Lincoln.
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Watch: Gateway Pet Guardians Gets A New Home

It's an exciting time for Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG)! They have a new building in East St. Louis and it's a game changer for them. Their new building is the former Miles Davis Elementary School, which is 54,000 square feet. Their current location is A LOT smaller and only has 13 kennels. With the...
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green soda can in ice

WATCH: Kids push for Ski to be official soda of Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (KYKY) — With the help of four elementary students and a state rep, Ski soda might just become the official state soda of Illinois. This week, kids from Germantown Elementary School visited State Rep. Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) and went before the House State Government...
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Two Dogs

Illinois is the Top State Protecting Its Pets

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has released its yearly list of where states rank in animal protection laws and Illinois is at the top - first place for the 11th year in a row. Missouri is in the middle. Kentucky is last. The rankings look at how tough the laws and statutes are in each state, for...
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Highland Arts Council To Celebrate 15th Anniversary Of Art In The Park

The Highland Arts Council is set to celebrate world-class art in a hometown atmosphere with its 15th annual Art in the Park event. The two-day outdoor juried exhibit and sale of works by professional artists, which brings 9,000 attendees annually, will be held October 13-14, 2018 at Lindendale Park...
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Alton Bridge

First Trailer to Season 3 "Main Street" featuring Alton, IL!

We are finally getting a glimpse in the upcoming Hulu Series "Small Business Revolution: Main Street" featuring Alton, Illinois Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington searched all over America seeking the most inspiring small towns, and this season will feature Alton! The town of Alton recieved $500,000...
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Peel Wood Fired Pizza

Peel Wood Fired Pizza Opened Its Doors In Clayton

A ‘hot’ new restaurant opened in Clayton on Monday- 800 degrees hot to be specific. Peel Wood Fired Pizza opened its doors at 208 South Meramec Avenue on July 16. Co-Owner Chefs Patrick Thirion and Brandon Case opened Peel’s first restaurant in Edwardsville, Illinois, in 2009. Three years ago, they...
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Beer and Wine

Only Two States Like Wine More Than Beer

If you're hitting a bar this weekend, will you be drinking beer, wine, or liquor? A new survey from the looked at millions of Instagram posts over the last year and a half to find out what each state's drinking preferences are. The survey found beer is the most popular drink in 48...
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map of states

The 10 Safest & Most Dangerous States in America

Unfortunately, Missouri did make one of the lists.
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