TV's Most Iconic Vampires

If you are a fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and more importantly "Angel", then you'll enjoy this list of TV's 10 Most Iconic Vampires... 1. Count von Count from "Sesame Street" 2. Barnabas Collins from "Dark Shadows" 3. Angel from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" 4. The Countess from "...
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Iconic Onscreen Moments Made Possible By Lack Of Money

Here's a list of a few "Iconic Onscreen Moments Made Possible by a Lack of Money": 1. The Quick Stop sign in "Clerks": Kevin Smith didn't have the money for movie sets, so he had to film in a real convenience store. But he only had permission to shoot at night, and he had to keep the window...
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The Most Iconic Female Protagonists In Film

Nothing beats a classic. DirecTV asked 1,000 people to name the Most Iconic Female Protagonist in Film, and they went all the way back to 1939 to choose Dorothy Gale from "The Wizard of Oz". Here's the Top 10... 1. Dorothy Gale, "The Wizard of Oz" . . . 7.7%. 2. Princess Leia, "Star Wars" . . . 7.6...
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