Watch: Human Moving Robot Proved Fake

You may have seen a video over the weekend of a very human-looking robot walking up a driveway. It moved so realistically that it was freaking people out. Well, we can all relax because it's not even a real robot. The image was created using computer graphics. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. RT @...
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Watch: Mosquitoes Try To Bite Through Net

An Australian biologist did an up-close video showing mosquitoes repeatedly trying to pierce through a net to bite human skin that's on the other side. You can see their proboscises, or mouths, poke through hoping to pierce the skin. Video of Mosquitoes Trying To Reach Human Skin Through a Net
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Viral Video: Local "American Idol" Contestant Sounds Like Human Car Alarm

The new "American Idol" premiered on ABC last night. They say they're not going to focus on bad auditions now, but they did have a former St. Louisan who didn't fair too well. Here's Koby, who really thought she was killing it, but she made herself sound like a human car alarm. Video of Koby...
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