Is It Safe to Hug a Relative You Haven't Been Quarantining With?

If you’re missing human touch during self-isolation, you’re not alone. Is it safe for a person to hug a relative you have not been quarantining with?
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This Toddler 'Besties' Video Will Make You Melt

Everybody is falling in love with these two, as they warmed hearts across the nation. On Monday footage of two toddlers running to one another on a sidewalk for a big hug went viral. The video captures the two-year-old best friends running to each other with arms wide open after spotting each other...
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Watch: Hugging Baby Chimps

A chimpanzee rescue organization in Africa posted video of baby chimps that can't stop hugging a new member of their group. The new chimp was recently rescued and had to be kept in a separate area until it was ready to be around others. But on this day it slipped past the caretakers to join his new...
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