How To Get Homemade Burritos To Taste Like Restaurant Burritos

Ways to make your homemade burritos taste like a restaurant's include...
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hot dogs

Look: How Many Hot Dogs You Can Actually Eat According To Science

A scientist has figured out how many hot dogs a person could actaully eat in a hot dog eating contest.
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Stan Musial Statue

How Much Baseball Legends Would Make Today

A website compared the stats of baseball legends with current players to determine how much the old-schoolers would make in today's money.
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How To Get Someone To "Love" A Gift

The trick to get someone to LOVE a gift is to...
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roller coaster

Watch: How To Not Scream On A Roller Coaster

To stop the sread of the coronavirus at amusement parks, people are being asked to NOT SCREAM while rriding the roller coasters??!!
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How To Deal With A Messy Partner During A Pandemic

Ways to deal with a MESSY partner during a pandemic include...
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jogging with mask

Experts Rank Activities Based On Their Coronavirus Risk

Infectious disease experts ranked different activities based on how likely you are to get the virus.
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How To Tie-Dye With Red Wine Tips

A few tips for tie-dying with RED WINE include...
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Covid 19 vacation

How To Plan A Safe Summer Vacation

If you think you might want to travel this summer, here are some tips on how to do it safely.
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new normal

How Risky Is It To Go Out Now?

Several experts weigh the risks about going out as the U.S. slowly re-opens.
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