How To Get A Free Thanksgiving Dinner From Walmart

Walmart is giving away FREE Thanksgiving dinners to millions this year.
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How Much Thanksgiving Turkeys Cost At Major Grocery Stores

Here's how much Thanksgiving turkeys cost at several major grocery chains this year.
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restaurant arguement

Watch: How Many Times Couples Argue Over Restaurant Choices

When it comes to restaurant choices, the average couple ARGUES...
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puppy love

Watch: How Many Time A Kid Begs For A Puppy

The average kid begs their parents for a puppy...
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tree lights

How To Properly String Christmas Tree Lights

Here's a quick guide on how to put lights on your Christmas tree.
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singing in phone

Watch: How Google's New 'Hum To Search' For A Song App Works

Google just released a new search feature where you can HUM, and they'll give you some suggestions on what the song could be.
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How To Deal With 'Election Anxiety'

Here are a few tips from a therapist on how to deal with 'election anxiety'.
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Watch: The Amount Of Toothpaste You Really Should Use

A dentist is going viral on TikTok after he showed how much toothpaste we should really be using.
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frustrating job

Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Less-Than-Perfect Job

Some ways to make the MOST out of a less-than-perfect job inlcude...
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very likely

How Likely Is 'Likely'?

A survey looked at when someone says "likely to happen', and then asked people to put a number on it.
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