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Tom Hanks

Watch: Tom Hanks Becomes Oakland's Virtual Hot Dog Vendor

The Oakland A's got Tom Hanks to record some amusing audio as a stadium vendor, and they're mixing it into the fake crowd noise for their home games.
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hot dogs

Look: How Many Hot Dogs You Can Actually Eat According To Science

A scientist has figured out how many hot dogs a person could actaully eat in a hot dog eating contest.
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Look: Oscar Mayer's Hot Dog Ice Cream Sandwiches

Oscar Mayer just announced they're coming out with a new ice cream sandwich this month featuring two flavors of ice cream: One that's hot dog-infused with candied hot dog bits, and one that's spicy mustard flavored. For curious taste buds, here are the delicious ingredients for Oscar Mayer's Ice...
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Watch: World-Record-Breaking Hot Dog

A hot dog shop in New York is trying to get a Guinness World Record with a 120-pound hot dog. Video of Feltman`s of Coney Island unveil world-record-breaking hot dog
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Watch: Hot Dog Etiquette

It's bad etiquette to eat a hot dog in more than five bites... At least according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Video of Hot Dog Etiquette
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Oscar Mayer is hiring a weinermobile driver

Oscar Mayer is Accepting Applications for a Professional Wienermobile Driver

Oscar Mayer is looking for a a weinermobile driver. Do you have what it takes?
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