Look: Bigfoot Helps Realtor Sell Houses

A realtor is using BIGFOOT to help sell a house.
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Beanie Babies

Look: New Beanie Babies' "Hope" Helps Fight COVID-19

You can buy a new Beanie Babies and the profits go to the United Way's COVID-19 relief fund.
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Zamboni Goalie

Zamboni Driver Helps Win NHL Game

A zamboni driver was brought into an NHL game as an emergency goalie, and he WON!
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Phyllis Smith

WATCH: St. Louis Native, 'The Office' Star Helps St. Louis Bread Co Announce Return Of French Onion Soup

St. Louis Bread Company (nationally known as Panera) got a little help from Phyllis Smith from "The Office" to let people know that the French Onion Soup has returned to their menu.
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Watch: Random ShoPper Helps Athlete Test Shoes

A guy in a Walmart tried on some basketball shoes and then filmed himself dribbling a ball up and down the aisle. But he needed to see how they'd work against an opponent. So, he asked a random woman to play defense, and even though she was headed to a meeting, she agreed. She had no skills, but...
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Matthew McConaughey Helps Feed First Responders

Matthew McConaughey teamed up with Wild Turkey to prepare and deliver 800 meals to first responders fighting the California wildfires. He said, quote, "Being able to provide meals to the men and women who put themselves on the line is an honor." Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Mom Helps Son With Cerebral Palsy Skateboard

A kid with cerebral palsy kept saying he wished he could skateboard, so his mom made it happen. She found a group that builds big, metal frameworks with wheels that help kids like him ride skateboards. Now a video of her pushing him around at a skate park is going viral. tá chovendo aqui em...
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Watch: Sanitation Worker Helps Elderly Woman

A video is making the rounds of a sanitation worker helping an elderly lady roll her trash bin up the driveway. It was caught on a doorbell cam, and they're talking like old friends. That's because they kind of are. He's been helping her every week since January. That's when he saw her fall while...
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Trainer Helps Man Lose Weight By Having Restaurants Ban Him

A guy in the U.K. decided to lose weight last year when he got up to 560 pounds. So his personal trainer put up flyers all over town telling fast food places not to serve him. And in one year, he's lost half his body weight. Click Here to see more.
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Website Helps With Slouching

There's a new website that BLURS the screen when it detects you slouching. Click Here to see more.
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