Look: Drake Get's Tattoo To Celebrate Breaking "Beatles" Records

Drake's last album "Scorpion" broke three singles records previously held by the Beatles when it came out last year. So Drake got a tattoo of the "Abbey Road" album cover, except that HE'S in the front, either waving back at them or possibly holding his hand in front of John Lennon's face. Drake...
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Look: Red Sox Banner Returned After Being Held Hostage

Three guys in Boston discovered the Red Sox AL East championship banner, after it fell off a delivery truck and into the road. They initially held it hostage, hoping to get playoff tickets from the team. But they eventually caved and returned the banner without getting anything in return. Louie...
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Watch: House Held Down By Cars To Prepare For Hurricane Florence

A guy shot cell phone video last week as Hurricane Florence was approaching North Carolina. He's driving by a house that has two cars strapped to it. Video of House Held Down by Cars to Prepare for Hurricane Florence || ViralHog
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