Who Had It Harder?

Who had it tougher... People who grew up without all the modern technology we're used to today, or people who did? According to a new survey, the majority of people in every generation say it was harder for people to grow up WITHOUT modern technology than with it. Click Here to see more.
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Look: Making Fake Money For Hollywood

One of the top companies that makes fake money for movies and TV shows says it actually has to follow guidelines set by the Secret Service. For instance, if the money looks too real, it can only be printed on one side. Also, the "U" in "United States" is actually a "W".
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Simple Tasks That Get Harder As You Age

Here are the top ten simple tasks that get a lot harder as you age... 1. Picking things up off the floor. 2. Opening jars or packaging. 3. Getting up and down the stairs. 4. Household chores. 5. Getting in and out of the bathtub. 6. Standing up out of a chair. 7. Walking long distances. 8. Using...
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