Hershey's "Is It Safe to Trick-Or-Treat?" Map

Hershey launched a MAP to help parents decide if trick-or-treating is SAFE in their town.
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sexy tiger

Look: Sexy "Tiger King" Halloween Costumes

The costume company Yandy just released their SEXY "Tiger King" costumes for Halloween.
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Halloween Tree

Look: Halloween Trees

It's mid-August, and people are already setting up their HALLOWEEN TREES??!!
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2020's Top Halloween Costumes

2020's top Halloween costumes include... FULL STORY: 96% of parents still plan to celebrate Halloween, according to a new poll by Party City. But 7 in 10 are also looking for alternatives to trick-or-treating. The top trends they expect to see this year are more decorations . . . neighborhood...
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Look: Hershey's New Halloween Candies

Hershey's just revealed all the new candies they're going to have for Halloween this year.
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Leap year 2020: Major holidays are on Friday's, Saturday's this year

ST. LOUIS (KYKY) - If you take a look ahead at the holiday calendar in 2020, you'll see a lot of big days for celebrating that fall on the weekend. This year is a leap year, which means February will be 29 days instead of 28 and 366 days as opposed to 365. That extra 24 hours has pushed holidays...
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Watch: Kid Really Wants To Be Chocolate Chips For Halloween

This is a fun video from last week that's still making the rounds. It's a cute kid named Leo who keeps getting asked what he wants to be for Halloween and every single time he says chocolate chips. And then at the end, you see that his wish came true. It's photos of him wearing a box of Nestle Toll...
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Watch: Christine Aguilera's Halloween Carnival

Christine Aguilera put on her own Halloween carnival. ---------------- #AguileraCarnival pic.twitter.com/SdgJaZUESA — Christina Aguilera (@xtina) November 2, 2019
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Look: Simone Biles As Angel And Devil

I guess Simone Biles couldn't decide if she wanted to be an angel or a devil... don’t call me angel ---- A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on Nov 3, 2019 at 11:36am PST “and when her halo broke she carved the two halves into horns” A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on Oct 31,...
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Watch: Polite Trick-Or-Treating Dinosaurs

There are two reasons to like this doorbell cam video from Halloween. The first is because it's two people wearing huge T-Rex costumes, and it's pretty funny to see them bouncing off of each other, and the walls of the porch. The second reason is because nobody's home, so the dinos could have...
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