Morning Habit

Morning Habits

Are your morning habits normal?
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Uber And Lyft Habits

Are your Uber and Lyft habits normal? Over 20,000 people recently took an online poll on ride-share services. Here are seven questions, and how people answered them... 1. Uber or Lyft? 70% said Uber, 26% prefer Lyft, and 4% use some other app. 2. Do you normally wait outside or inside? 59% said...
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Marriage Habits

Over 150,000 people recently took an online poll about marriage habits, and what ISN'T acceptable behavior... 1. Is it okay to pass gas in front of your spouse? 84% said yes. 2. Can you flirt with other people? Only 24% said that's okay. 3. Would it be okay if they stayed out all night with friends...
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Sexting Habits

A recent survey on SEXTING asked people about sending and receiving nude photos. Let's see how your sexting habits stack up... 1. Have you ever sent a nude photo? 49% said yes. 2. Have you ever received a nude photo? 61% said yes. 3. When you take a sexy selfie, do you crop your face out? 35%...
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St. Louis ranked one of the most vain cities in the U.S.

(KYKY) — You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you. Quality Logo Products According to a recent study that asked 2,730 people across 25 U.S. cities, St. Louis is the 13th most vain city in the country. Topping the charts, by no surprise, is New York City, where its residents spend...
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What Millennials Spend On Food

The average millennial spends $187 on groceries a month, and $139 at restaurants, including take-out and delivery. That's a difference of $48, or 29% less than they spend on groceries. It also found the average millennial spends 183 hours a year buying food compared to 160 hours deciding on...
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Disgusting Habits

A new Buzzfeed survey asked people about their disgusting habits, so you can compare yourself to everyone else. Do you... 1. Pick your nose? 77% say yes. 2. Leave dirty dishes in the sink? 73% say yes. 3. Pee in the shower? 72% say yes. 4. Pick your scabs? 63% say yes. 5. Chew with your mouth open...
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Showering Habits

Over 50,000 people recently took a BuzzFeed poll that looked into America's showering habits. Here are nine questions, and how people answered them... 1. Do you shower in the morning, at night, or both? 28% said morning . . . 43% said night . . . 25% said both . . . and 4% said they usually shower...
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Gross Habits

Over 250,000 people took an online poll on doing GROSS things. So, how many of these things have YOU done? 1. Have you ever picked your nose as an adult? 86% said yes. They didn't ask how many people have eaten what they found up there. 2. Do you ever pop your zits? 86% said they do. 3. Have you...
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Snacking Habits

A new survey by Frito-Lay found that salty snacks are more popular than spicy or sweet ones. Here are three stats about America's snacking habits... 1. Salty stuff is our most popular snack choice, like regular potato chips and peanuts. Cheesy or spicy snacks are next . . . things like Flamin' Hot...
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