wrong guy

Reasons Women Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy

Women often fall for the wrong guy, and here are some reasons WHY.
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Bill Nye

Watch: Bill Nye The Science Guy Becomes "Fashion Icon"

Check out Bill Nye strutting his stuff on the catwalk for New York Fashion Week.
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Watch: Narrating A Tornado

Experts say that if you're at home during a tornado, you need to get into a cellar, safe room, or basement. This guy in Texas didn't follow that plan. He stood in a doorway and filmed eight seconds of chaos that included his trampoline flying through the air. This happened a couple of Fridays ago...
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Watch: Pixar Lamp Costume

That one-legged guy who always crushes it on Halloween did it again. This year, he's the Pixar lamp! Video of Pixar Lamp Costume!
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Hints Women Drop When They Want A Guy to Propose

Researchers talked to 2,000 men who are currently married or engaged. And 49% said their wife or fiancée DID drop hints. Here are the top five not-so-subtle signs your girlfriend wants you to propose... 1. You notice her watching a lot of shows or movies about weddings or proposals. 2. She keeps...
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Look: ESPN "Beer Money Sign Guy" Apologizes For Past Tweets

We have talked several times about the guy in Iowa who held up a sign on ESPN asking for beer money that turned into him raising $1 million for charity? Well, a newspaper looked through his Twitter history, and it turns out he posted two racist tweets in 2012, when he was 16. Busch had teamed up...
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Watch: Honest Guy Returns Wallet He Finds On Driveway

This could be a commercial for the Ring Doorbell people. It's video of a Good Samaritan returning a wallet he found lying in some family's driveway. The homeowner's not there but he recognizes the guy as a neighbor, and they have a conversation through the doorbell cam. Video of Honest Guy Returns...
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Watch: Birthday Cake Drop

Here's a tip: Always use two hands while walking with a birthday cake. Video of Dad Drops Daughter's Birthday Cake on Stage at Birthday Party - 1042751
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Watch: Delvery Guy's Floss Dance

Somebody's doorbell cam in Jacksonville, North Carolina captured video of a delivery driver ringing the bell, setting the package down, and then breaking into a FLOSS DANCE. Click Here to enjoy the video.
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Watch: Guy Tries To Sneak Past Front Door Security Camera

Somebody's front door security cam filmed a young guy, maybe a teenager, trying to sneak by without being filmed. He drops to the ground and crawls across the porch, obviously not realizing he's in the camera's view the entire time. Video of Guy Tries to Sneak Past Mom's Doorbell Security...
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