Watch: Nine-Year-Old's "Sweet Child O'Mine" Guitar Solo

Ellen had on a nine-year-old kid who's awesome on the guitar yesterday, and he did the solo from "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses. His name is Taj Farrant, he's from Australia, and he's only been playing for two and a half years. Click Here to see the video.
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Look: Shoplifter Shoves Guitar Down His Pants

I guess this is one way to try and steal a guitar... A camera catches a man shoving a guitar down his pants...and hurrying right out the door of a store. The store owner's sharing the video and details to get this guy caught. "It was in his pants, and he was gone! It was shock and a bit of anger."...
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Watch This Craftsman Build an Electric Guitar out of Colored Pencils

This is a work of art.
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