Look: George W. Bush Gets First Hole In One

GEORGE W. BUSH got his first hole in one. With coaching from @thebushcenter CEO Ken Hersh and board members Mike Meece and Bill Hickey, I scored my first hole-in-one at the home of our Warrior Open and the @attbyronnelson. Next golf goal: live to 100 so I can shoot my age. A post shared by George W...
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Gator Steals Golf Ball

A woman was golfing in Florida on Saturday and hit a shot that was headed toward the water until an ALLIGATOR jumped up and snatched the ball out of the air with its mouth. But the woman wasn't freaked out. She was happy, because she would've gotten a penalty if the ball had gone in the water...
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Look: Golf Partners Both Hit Holes-In-One

Two golf partners in London beat INSANE odds on Tuesday when they both hit a hole-in-one on the same hole, back-to-back. A guy named Wayne Eagling hit his hole-in one, then his partner, Peter Orton, stepped up and hit his. What are the odds of that happening? One in 17 MILLION. (
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Jen Myers, Tim Convy, Ozzie Smith

Y98 Has A Part-Tee at the 100th PGA Championship!

We kicked off Monday morning with 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive and the excitement continues through the week! Watch some of the highlights from this week and follow along the rest of the weekend to get all the behind the scenes action live from the beautiful Bellerive Course. Video of Y98...
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PGA Star Rickie Fowler Is Always Rooting For Our Cardinals

"It's great to be here as a Cardinal supporter and feel the love," said colorful PGA cracker-jack Rickie Fowler. He's the one who wears the bright colors and the baseball hat. Will he wear Redbird Red this weekend? Since I'm not a huge golf watcher, this is the type of stuff is what I care about...
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Jill at the PGA

Shopping At The 100th PGA Championship At Bellerive Country Club

If you’re heading to the 100th PGA Championship this week/weekend, you HAVE to check out The Championship Shops. Besides all of the great options they have to offer, it’s also air-conditioned so you can take a break from the warm temps :). Before I show you what I bought, here’s a fun fact: Hats...
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Watch: The Phil Mickelson Dance

You have to admire golfer PHIL MICKELSON for really going for it in this commercial for dress shirts. Video of Mizzen+Main | The Phil Mickelson Dance
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Watch: Phil Mickelson's Flop Shot Skills

Phil Mickelson is known for his skills at the flop shot. That's where you use a wedge to hit the ball almost straight up on a steep trajectory so it lands a few feet away. Phil showed off that talent during a break at the British Open on Tuesday. He had a guy stand two feet in front of him, and...
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Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson Showdown Prop Bets

It sounds like TIGER WOODS and PHIL MICKELSON are really going to play that $10 million winner-take-all round of golf. So of course, the bookies are going to take all kinds of wagers. Here are some of the things you can bet on at You can bet on the match itself, of course...
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Watch: Phil Mickelson Hits Ball Before It Stops

Phil Mickelson outraged golf fans at the U.S. Open by hitting his ball before it had stopped moving. He took a two-shot penalty, but some people think he should've been disqualified. Video of Phil Mickelson on the 13th Hole - 2018 U.S. Open - Round 3
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